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a brief ride on my train of thought

musings of the homebound mind by jim "shu" carroll

public service announcment

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

it could easily be a primary criteria for choosing a friend, or a partner in business or in life. viewed from the dark side it could serve as a readily-recognizable and disqualifying filter: how does this person treat people who, at least for the moment, are in a position that is in service to their needs? the retail clerk. the food server. the barista. the concierge. the driver. the stylist. the mechanic. the nurse. watch. it will tell you almost everything you need to know about your fellow human. it could certainly inform your choices. your associations. your vote. your mental well-being. this is where we would put the instructional examples. but you don't need them. you already know. you've been observing. perhaps you've been making excuses and rationalizations and plundering your stores of forgiveness. from the fire tower of my 7th decade i will remind you that life is short. because of the deadly consequences of inaction i will presume to suggest that you put your knowledge to use. surround yourself with those who uplift, and create separation from the emotional vampires and narcissists who would drag you beneath them in their dysfunctional attempt to elevate themselves and alleviate their self-loathing. in short: run.


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