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for over 25 years i was a firefighter and emergency medical technician. it was a fantastic job and i loved it. but in my early​ 50's my lower back decided it was time to do something else.
after leaving the fire service, and seeing some grandchildren added to the family tree, it occurred to me that i was not going to live forever. in fact, even with continued good fortune and groovy motorcycle karma i was WAY past half done. so i decided to be intentional about how to spend my "golden years".

so now i act and sing and write and take pictures. i spend my time doing things i love to do. and because i love what i do, the joy i am feeling seems somewhat contagious. my clients have fun, too!
the technical side of the work is fascinating to me, but my favorite part of the work is the same as it has always been: the people i meet and the creative energy we share on the projects.
i look forward to meeting you and helping to create images that will tell this part of your story in an interesting and creative way.

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​my story

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